Chet Baker | from Employees Only (NYC) 
Aged dry rum, vermouth blanc, Bénédictine honey liqueur... flamed orange 

Dry Gin Fissiona Pine Grove Hall original, by Karen Caswell Sapia 
Olive-infused gin, olive oil-washed gin, castelvetrano olives, a whisper of vermouth 

The Dreamy Dorini | from Pegu Club (NYC) 
Layered vodkas, Islay scotch, 3 drops of Pernod, duck-fat whiskey bitters, lemon twist 

Eastern Medicine 
Four Roses bourbon, Korean citron marmalade, Angostura bitters... Islay scotch 

Hemingway Daiquiri | from La Floridita (Havana) 
Aged white rum, fresh lime, grapefruit cordial... Luxardo Maraschino bitter cherry cordial 

The Perfect Manhattan 
Basil Hayden Dark Rye or Bourbon, bitter-sweet and dry vermouths, bitters, twist 

The Martinez | a classic, circa 1888 
Stirk’s barrel-aged gin, bittersweet vermouth, Luxardo Maraschino, orange bitters, flamed orange 

Maple-Praline Sazerac 
Rittenhouse rye, VSOP brandy, local maple syrup, chicory-praline bitters... absinthe rinse 

Spanish Coffee | from Huber’s Café (Portland, OR) 
W.C.Clarke’s coffee, Jamaican overproof rum, orange liqueur... whipped Meyer Dairy cream 

The White Lodgea Pine Grove Hall original 
Smoky mezcal, Luxardo Bitter Blanc, vermouth blanc, RR coffee tincture, Peychaud’s bitters, flamed orange 

White Man Talk | inspired by El Duderino 
Dos Alas tequila añejo, Kahlua, whiskey cream, Ancho Reyes, molè bitters, purple peppercorn tincture