June Writers' Round

Pine Grove Hall, 101 E. Pine Grove Rd., Pine Grove Mills

Our monthly Writers’ Round showcases multiple writer/artists on stage at the same time, each playing one song going "AROUND" until 3, 4, or five "rounds" have been completed. They'll present new and sometimes not even fully completed songs in our exquisite listening room environment. It's an intimate evening that you won't want to miss.

Sharing her songwriting as Raven and the Wren, NATTY LOU RACE connects with her listeners through lyrics laced with the deepest themes of the human experience; the fragility of life, death, and the inevitable heartaches and heartbreaks they bear.

CAROLYNE MEEHAN strums and sings about the silly and the serious stuff of life. Singing and songwriting are a part of her meditative and creative process. Verses and melodies often find her while walking, driving or daydreaming. She's a mama to three kids, loves her dog, poetry, her husband and the beauty of Central PA.

STEVE CRAWFORD plays as part of the duo the Stevedores and is also in the local bluegrass band the Tussey Mountain Moonshiners. His original music is steeped in the rootsy mix of bluegrass, folk, country, and rock.

RUE MOYER'S songs reflect both his youth, having grown up in the forest-covered hills of central PA and the 10 years he lived abroad, traveling through much of the world. Delivered with a soulful southern rock tenor, there’s an innocence in his voice that feels familiar.

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