Singer/songwriter Judson Mantz has some new songs to premiere. Instead of just performing them onstage alone, he has written a short storyline to accompany the music. A short musical? A one-act musical? A one-act musical vignette? Yes! Joining him onstage will be Lynn Chaplin, Ed Kenepp, John Lynch, and Joyce Furfaro.

The story goes that Jud, Lynn, Ed, and John were in a band 30 years ago called St. Ardust and now they are back together in the same town for a special occasion. We find them together on top of a mountain, around their favorite campfire spot where they used to sing and play for the stars. Who knows where the evening will take us but it will be fun, thoughtful, and entertaining!

Our Casual Fare menu and full bar service are available all evening.

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Free, with limited seating. Purchase a ticket to ensure a seat.