House of Hamill

Pine Grove Hall, 101 E. Pine Grove Rd., Pine Grove Mills

Rose Baldino and Brian Buchanan met 10 years ago, each involved in separate projects. Brian's band was enter The Haggis and Rose's group was Burning Bridget Cleary. After crossing paths several times, they created House of Hamill in 2014, the name a tribute to the first tune Rose ever taught Brian.

Brian and Rose are both accomplished traditional fiddle players and classical violinists. Together, they write unusual new fiddle tunes and exciting, unpredictable original songs while also breathing new life into traditional and contemporary songs. Both are confident and unique lead vocalists, and the blend of their two voices in harmony is hypnotic and irresistible.

Allentown, PA-based House of Hamill is a fixture on festival stages across the U.S., and have shared their music and stories on the country’s premier folk stages. Their version of “Pound a Week Rise” rose to #1 on the U.S. Folk DJ charts, and the video for their all-violin cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” amassed over 16 million views on Facebook, where it was shared over 400,000 times. Their latest release, “Folk Hero,” captures perfectly the frenetic energy and eclecticism of their always engaging live show. A lively collection of original instrumentals, reimagined folk ballads, and new songs that showcase the trio’s versatility, “Folk Hero” is the third House of Hamill album to be funded entirely by their fans.

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