SIXTY YEARS AFTER: A Retrospective…

The second in a series of four evenings focusing on musicians from the 1960’s and their moments of impact on American culture.

The Revolution was Televised on Saturdays: The Remarkable Moment That Was the Johnny Cash Show, 1969-1971. Hosted by Larry Boggess with Guest Doug Irwin

This retrospective focuses on the controversial and diverse musicians who appeared on the 58 episodes of The Johnny Cash Show. Among Johnny’s guests were Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson, Joni Mitchell, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Gordon Lightfoot, and Peete Seeger along with soul, pop, traditional country, and bluegrass acts. Cash was the soul center of an orbit of the best singer-songwriters of the day. His groundbreaking show brought social relevance and new interpretations to country music, making it mainstream while blurring genres. Host Larry Boggess and special guest Doug Irwin sing songs from the show’s artists and comment on their importance to the singer-songwriter genre today and the role of song in American life.

April 9th - FILLET DE SOUL: Celebrating Unsung Heroes of Southern Soul Music hosted by Jerry Zolten and special guest Billy Price.

April 23rd - ALL YOU NEED IS THE BEATLES: A Deep Dive into Everything Fab Four hosted by Jerry Zolten and special guest Ken Womack.

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