Pine Grove Hall, 101 E. Pine Grove Rd., Pine Grove Mills

Callanish, a Celtic band based in central Pennsylvania, plays Irish and Scottish music in the traditional style. Their repertoire includes lively jigs and reels, haunting airs, and rollicking songs from Ireland, Scotland, and elsewhere in the British Isles. Callanish was formed in 2001 by four members of the Scottish band Ceol Binn, based in Lemont, Pennsylvania. When the founders of Ceol Binn retired to Canada, the remaining band members re-formed, named themselves “Callanish” and expanded their repertoire to include Irish as well as Scottish music.

Members are Patty Lambert on wooden flute, whistle, and concertina, Betsy Gamble on fiddle, viola, and pipes, Louisa Smith on vocals, and Holly Foy on guitar, bouzouki, and banjo.

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