Join the songwriting team "The #holcats" who will showcase their latest batch of holiday, Christmas, New Year's and chilly weather tunes!

Local singer/songwriter KERRI SMITH spearheaded the 33 song holiday demo project. Kerri is an origami wordsmith that brings a light-hearted and comedic point of view to lyrics. Her songs have been featured in Hallmark Christmas movies and TV commercials.

AARON ZINK is a producer, writer, vocalist & multi-instrumentalist. He is a master arranger with a gift of turning the bones of a song into something with muscles, style, personality and vision. Aaron is visiting from that town in Ohio where that other state university is located.

LIZZIE ZINK (daughter of Aaron) is a writer and vocalist with a love for performing and learning. She graduated from Berklee College of Music with a focus on voice, arranging, production, and songwriting. When she’s not writing and performing, she teaches music lessons, works in sales development for a software company, and spoils her family’s dog, Zippy… who she has made several Christmas sweaters for.

MARIA COPELAND, from Fredericksburg VA, is an accomplished orchestrator, songwriter and vocalist. She specializes in virtual string arranging and recording. Maria is currently working on a catalog of instrumentals to showcase her string technique.

GARY DEMICHELE is from West Hartford, CT and shares his vocal, songwriting and guitar skills with the #holcat team. He is a prolific writer whose voice brings a depth and gravity to the songs he performs. When Gary isn't singing, he is a mix engineer and video editor.