Our October Writers' Round is hosted by Mark McLeod. Joining Mark will be Samantha Press, Matt Wagner and Jon Spearly.

MARK MCLEOD is a musician and professor of economics at Penn State. Mark didn't learn guitar until after he graduated from college. Immediately after graduate school, he went on the road for eight years as front man for the Grateful Dead cover band The Kind." He finished his PhD in Economic and came to Penn State in 2004. The lyrics on Mark's solo CD "Out Loud" run the gamut and are not without a fair dose of philosophical ramblings. As host of this month's Writers' Round, we sense another circle back 'round to music.

SAMANTHA PRESS is a Bedford-based singer and songwriter. Samantha has been growing her fan base with her brand of personable and heartfelt acoustic music. She paints pictures and tells stories with her lyrics, and brings those words to life with her expressive voice. Her love for poetry and storytelling is evident in her extensive catalog of original music. https://www.facebook.com/samanthapressmusic/

MATTHEW WAGNER is an acoustic musician based in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania with nearly two decades of performance experience. He taught himself early on how to play guitar after realizing he needed an instrument to accompany his already developed vocal abilities in order to perform live. Influenced heavily by artists like Dave Matthews and John Mayer, his style is best described as acoustic based soft rock. https://www.facebook.com/MatthewWagnerMusic

JON SPEARLY is a State College-based musician and a member of many innovative and creative musical endeavors including his latest project "Hubba Hubba Ha Ha." Past projects include Phobos Anomaly and The Melodic Plague.

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