Join us for a VERY special night of interactive dance and film with multi-media artist Katie Monsell!

Katie graduated from Slippery Rock University with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance in the Summer of 2019. Her studies include training in ballet and modern techniques, improvisation, and choreography. It was during her senior year independent study that she discovered her passion for dance technology and film. She was also introduced to multimedia software, which allows her to create interactive dances using special effects.

Katie’s work is largely experimental, combining site-specific improvisation with self-filming practices. She also investigates the effects of various lighting with costume and choreography. Her multimedia projects are very similar, frequently attempting to cast footage onto a moving body. She is a great admirer of Vaslav Nijinsky’s work and continues to be inspired by other pioneers such as Loie Fuller, Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, and Mary Wigman.

In July of 2019, Katie had the opportunity to learn dance forms that are indigenous to Malaysia, Hawaiian Islands, and Northwest Coast of British Columbia. This experience ignited another passion for research in indigenous dance practices. As she currently studying other culture-specific dances such as Egyptian folk dance. This subject of culture is at the forefront of her research, as well as the advocation for the use of dance notation alongside film to better preserve dance choreography.

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