Crater and the Catalyst was originally formed in State College, PA with members Tommy Gargiulo (guitar/bass/vocals) and Carter Freije (drums). Their first album, 2014’s The End Line, established the band as a force of musical experimentation; blending elements of jazz, punk, and progressive rock into a distinct style that was their own. The Forefront of Nothing In Particular, Crater and the Catalyst’s follow-up album, has been a work-in-progress since The End Line’s completion nearly a decade ago. In November 2019, Carter Freije tragically passed away, sending wide-spread ripples throughout the immense community of loved ones and musical companions he garnered during his life. For Crater and the Catalyst, Carter’s passing could very well have been the question mark at the end of a long paragraph. However, through the throes of COVID and the thousands of miles separating bandmates, Tommy rallied the ragtag group of friends around him to bring the long-awaited album to fruition. The Forefront of Nothing In Particular is not just an audial rollercoaster, navigating many twists and turns through various genres; it is a celebration of the friendship and unbreakable musical bond that started it all.

So sit back, stand up, dance your heart out, and save that movie-theater tear: you’re in for something! Welcome to The Forefront of Nothing in Particular…

Crater and the Catalyst is Tommy Gargiulo (guitar/vocals), accompanied by Huck Tritsch (drums), Ryan Zieminski (keyboards/synthesizer), John Ott (guitar), Jon Spearly and Gabe Corso (bass), Riley Seiders (trombone/euphonium), and other special guests.

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