Remnants of Betty

Pine Grove Hall

In the mid-to-late 1990s, Judson Mantz was part of a band called "3-D Betty." They released 2 CDs, "Belch of the Muses" in 1998 and "The Road Less Traveled" in 2000. Remnants of Betty are the remnants of 3-D, and include 3 of the original members: Donnie Rhoades on drums Chris Younken on guitar, and Lynn Chaplin on bass.

Donnie has played in multiple bands in State College for years, including Soul Gypsies and Cliff Turner and the After Burners. Chris has played with Code Blue, The Earthtones, Archie Blue and most recently with Andy Tolins and Richard Sleigh. Lynn plays bass with August Room. Main floor $6 | Second floor livestream $3