Raven and the Wren | Jordan Keith Robb & Brian Cleary

Pine Grove Hall

Back to back performances from hyper- local musicians Raven and the Wren & Jordan Keith Robb w/ Brian Cleary. Both Jordan Robb and Natty Lou Race are residents of Pine Grove Mills and will share the night performing original music.

Sharing her songwriting as Raven and the Wren, Natty Lou Race connects with her listeners through lyrics laced with the deepest themes of the human experience; the fragility of life, death, and the inevitable heartaches and heartbreaks they bear.

Following Raven and the Wren, Jordan Keith Robb takes the stage, joined with guitarist Brian Cleary, he’ll be serving up generous portions of foot stomping rhythms and fresh melodies. His worn and rusted songscapes are the backdrop for lyrics that sprout from the depths of soulful bluegrass ballads and are spun into an original blend of Americana, blues and country traditions. Main Floor $8 | Upstairs Livestream $4